Are you looking for a way to earn money that fits with your active lifestyle? Some side hustles provide the opportunity to remain active and make ends meet. Here are a few ideas for supplementing your income and staying on the go.

Find a Fit

One of the hottest employment trends is working side hustles. CNN notes that over 44 million Americans are working side hustles these days, and many people are doing their work on the run. It’s a terrific way to stay active while supplementing your income, taking advantage of your cell phone to keep up with a busy lifestyle and stay fit at the same time. If you aren’t sure where to jump in, one suggestion is to consider the skills you already have. Instead of trying to learn something before you can earn something, think through your repertoire of activities and abilities. There is sure to be an interest you can turn into income!  

Dog Walker

Dog walking offers some obvious benefits to those who love man’s best friend. It’s not only an opportunity to enjoy time with dogs, you can stay physically active and keep a flexible schedule. Forbes points out it’s a particularly desirable service in urban areas, since owners don’t always have time during the work day to travel home to walk furry family members.  

Personal Shopper

Do you have a knack for finding the perfect present? Or, maybe your gift is in selecting knockout outfits for friends? Becoming a personal shopper is a side hustle that can put your talent to work for you. Walk shopping centers while you work, carry packages, and step up the pace to keep fit. The Cut suggests that you can take a commission on the amount spent for your clients, earning income while spending other people’s money!


Families are more mobile than ever, making childcare an in-demand side hustle that can fit with your own busy world and help you stay active. One way to get started is to engage through an online platform that specializes in connecting providers with those needing service. The sites typically do thorough background checks, helping parents find childcare with peace of mind.  

Personal Assistant

Thanks to the internet, you can now put your organizational, bookkeeping, or wordsmithing talents to work outside a traditional office. The Penny Hoarder explains that personal assistants can make a solid income, and working remotely typically means ample opportunities to flex your schedule. Bend your routine around your workouts, grab an exercise ball for time at the keyboard, and slip into your sweats so you can break up your to-do list with time spent doing calisthenics. Your fitness doesn’t have to suffer with a “desk job” anymore!

Restaurant Deliveries

Another great way to stay active is doing meal deliveries for restaurants. Whether by bike, on foot, or in your car, it’ll keep you on the go while earning income. As some experts point out, many professionals don’t have time to visit restaurants themselves, and not all restaurants have sufficient demand to hire regular delivery service. That’s where you come in, making deliveries for various restaurants through a single hub service via the web. Chances are you’ll stay busy, stay fit, and earn more than if you worked for a single restaurant!


Once you decide on a venture, promote it through the many easy avenues available thanks to our tech-oriented culture. For instance, you can advertise your business via Instagram – and it’s simpler than you might think. You can join Instagram engagement groups and repost others’ content, which will help you gain followers. For the best response, find groups that fit with your hustle. Matching interests will create a more enthusiastic and responsive audience. For example, go with other animal-lover and pet-owner groups if you’re a dog walker, personal shoppers might benefit from consumer-oriented groups, and so on.  

Fit and Flexible

Add to your income without sacrificing fitness. Stay on the run with a side hustle that fits your interests and abilities. You can enjoy an active lifestyle while increasing your income.

Photo: Pixabay